oops im a few days behind.

Well as you know life happens…I have missed 3 days worth of tips so I guess I will catch up by writing an update in quick mode.  You can pick up plenty of survival tips to last you for a couple weeks at least by visiting all my articles and reading them on the web.  I had two new ones come out yesterday and one today.  Plus I have over a dozen more scattered through the web.  I will link to them below.

I am a contributing writer for APN (American Preppers Network) so far I have written 7 articles for them and will have more coming out soon.  If you goto my latest article http://americanpreppersnetwork.com/2013/01/whats-in-my-backpack.html you canfind links to all the rest of mine for APN.

My newest article as of right now is on Modernsurvivalonline.com on survival rifles.


Ive written two articles for the Survival Mom, one on fire building and one on generators.



Ive written for Reality Survival on how to DIY a small wood burning stove…


I’ve written one article so far for Survival Life on Gun Cleaning


Ive written two articles for Absolute Rights one on Israel and one soon to come on Iran.


So yes I am tooting my own horn but I am also giving you the reader the opportunity to learn something new. Thirteen articles off top of my head I have written and compiled for your reference and/or enjoyment.  Enjoy and as always I welcome your comments and questions.





About thenaturenurd

Craig is an Eagle Scout and attributes Boy Scouting to his love of the Great Outdoors and as the motto says "Being Prepared." Craig has over a decade of experience as an Outdoor Educator and Park Naturalist/Ranger. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Forest Recreation Management and an Associates in Criminal Justice and is a certified Texas Peace Officer. Craig has many diverse interests but really enjoys teaching others about Firearms, Outdoor Skills, Plants, and Wildlife. He works as an EMT for a rural EMS service in Texas and is also going to school for his paramedic. Looking for Prepping Products? Check out my preferences at my Amazon Store!
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