The awesome thing about valentines @ Walmart

Let me just say that I know some people need assistance to help them purchase food and other items.  However , I know that having a cart over $200 worth of valentines, theres no other way to put this, SHIT and then 100 dollars worth of food that your EBT covers is wrong wrong wrong wrong!  Maybe Walmart customer if you didnt way overspend on those items you could afford to buy your food.  Oh wait then you couldn’t afford your Hummer H3, 100 dollar shoes, and 200 dollar cell phone.  Wake up America!!!!


About thenaturenurd

Craig is an Eagle Scout and attributes Boy Scouting to his love of the Great Outdoors and as the motto says "Being Prepared." Craig has over a decade of experience as an Outdoor Educator and Park Naturalist/Ranger. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Forest Recreation Management and an Associates in Criminal Justice and is a certified Texas Peace Officer. Craig has many diverse interests but really enjoys teaching others about Firearms, Outdoor Skills, Plants, and Wildlife. He works as an EMT for a rural EMS service in Texas and is also going to school for his paramedic. Looking for Prepping Products? Check out my preferences at my Amazon Store!
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3 Responses to The awesome thing about valentines @ Walmart

  1. OMG! AMEN! And then bring your kid to ER with a fever because you won’t pay $3 for tylenol. The ER is free, right? Ugh!

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